Affiliate Program

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Join MagicScripts Affiliate Program and earn 50% commissions on all sales with your referral ID!

  • First of all you have to have a Premium Personal or Business PayPal account to receive your commissions. If you donít have it yet please visit PayPal and sign up. It is easy and FREE! We send commissions at the end of the each month with minimum amount of $100.
  • If you are positive to join us please fill up the application form. Once your account is approved we will send you an e-mail with your referral ID and login information.
  • You will get several options of how to promote and sell MagicScripts products (detailed information is in affiliate area):
    1. Via affiliate link:
      Each visitor with your referral ID will get a cookie for 30 days and you will earn commissions on all sales during this period.
    2. Catalog data feed:
      You can add the whole MagicScripts store to your own site by putting a single line of HTML code into some web page of your website.
    3. Purchase Link:
      Each product has "Add to Cart" link (available in the affiliate area). You may use these links if you want to promote only certain MagicScripts products with complete control of catalog design/layout to match your site. These links contain your referral ID - all you need is just copy/paste them on your website.
    4. "Trial Version" Link:
      Each PHP/MySQL product has trial version and download link for it. You may use these links to provide your customers with trial version of MagicScripts products. Download script sets your affiliate cookie for 30 days and you will earn commissions even if your customer buys the product directly from MagicScripts. Links available in the affiliate area, they contain your referral ID - all you need is just copy/paste them on your website.
  • Reports on sales, commissions and payments are available in the affiliate area - please login to view your real-time stats.

The following promotional practices are strictly prohibited:

  1. No email/newsgroups spam or any other spam activities containing MagicScripts affiliate links.
  2. No pop-ups opening MagicScripts.
  3. Do not open entire MagicScripts website in frames.
  4. No false advertisements or false statements about MagicScripts.

In case of violation of the above terms your affiliate account will be terminated without warning.

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