E-Store Kit-2 PayPal Edition is a database driven web application that allows you to build your very own E-commerce Web Store to sell intangibles such as eBooks, PDFs, MP3s, MIDIs, Scripts, Software Applications, Flash, Graphic files, etc based on PayPal payment system.
If you need to use you merchant account to accept online payments please take a look at our E-Store Kit-2.
No programming is required!
Click here to download a free trial (14 days) version.

Please note:
  • If you need to build E-commerce Web Store to sell tangible products please take a look at our E-Store Kit-1 PayPal Edition.
  • If you need ASP/MS Access versions of our products to run on Windows web hosting please take a look at our E-Commerce Kits.
Using E-Store Kit-2 template-based structure you can easily customize and integrate our sophisticated product catalog into any existing website design/layout (some HTML/CSS and computer graphics knowledge is required). Anyhow, if you do not have such skills don't worry - we include ready-to-use design/layout of Demo in E-Store Kit-2 package.
The backbone of the E-Store Kit-2 is a Control Panel, which allows you to enter your products easily into catalog and start making sales!
Building your product catalog and entering product information is very easy!

Main features of E-Store Kit-2 PayPal Edition:

  • Installation is very easy: all you need is any PHP/MySQL- ready web hosting with installed Zend Optimizer version 2.1.0 or later (get a free script to check you server).
    We recommend www.YourMagicHost.com
  Control Panel
      Control Panel allows you to:
  • Create as many catalog categories/subcategories/products as you wish and have them instantly appear on your web store.
  • Add/edit/delete categories/subcategories/products through simple forms.
  • Assign your administrative password to protect your Control Panel.
  • Upload thumbnails, images and files of your products.
  • Show a list of products with or without thumbnails, images and View Details pages.
  • Specify different types of preview for each product.
  • Specify different types of delivery for each product.
  • Set any type of currency accepted by PayPal.
  • Edit text of e-mail confirmation for your customers.
  • Automatically control and manage sales in real time.
  • Give your customers a possibility to download purchased products at once or later.
  • Set the number of products per page.
  • Set the number of shown pages on navigation bar.
  Templates and Design Elements
      Our E-Store Kit-2 includes following design features and items:
  • Fully customizable templates for catalog pages.
  • You can create your own buttons, menus and put direct links to any category or subcategory.
  • Customizable dynamic dropdown menu automatically displays categories and subcategories of your catalog.
  • One pre-designed template (Demo) and one blank template.
  Other Features
  • Secure multiple products download with 3 levels of protection.
  • Powerful catalog search engine for your customers and for you to use in Control Panel.
  • Full integration with PayPal Shopping Cart and IPN (Instant Payment Notification).

In order to illustrate the powerful capabilities of our E-Store Kit-2, we offer you demo which you can access at the bottom of this page.
  • Demo - displays a basic interface of your e-commerce store after installation.
  • Control Panel Demo - familiarize yourself with the structure and features of the Control Panel.
  • E-Store Kit-1 - version of E-Store Kit for tangible products.
As you see, our Kit includes everything that is necessary for setting up and customizing your store plus we provide easy-to-understand instructions describing all your steps. Should you have any questions, our support team will be happy to help you at any time.