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How to make an entry page with E-Store Kit

All MagicScripts e-commerce products use templates to define the look of your online store.
Template-based software makes it easy to change design separating server-side code from HTML code
You do not need to edit any ASP or PHP code and can use your favourite HTML editor to change design.
All you need to redesign your web store is to edit a simple HTML file.
E-store kits let you use this feature and even more.
In fact, our ecommerce scripts allow changing design "on the fly".
You may change the look of your online store from category to category or create an entry page just passing two parameters to the catalog script:

main - filename of main template;
menu - filename of menu template;

Sample: - uses default templates - another look of the same store.

Please note: you need to edit menu template to make sure you pass all parameters to the catalog script.

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