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How to set up PayPal account (tips for new PayPal users)

Recently PayPal had introduced new features for merchants. One of them - Auto Return is enabled by default for all new PayPal accounts. These great feature has one problem - it returns completely different set of variables to customers IPN scripts. If you want to use E-Store Kit-2 to sell intangible goods and provide instant secure downloads of purchased goods you need to disable Auto Return:
  • Log in your PayPal account
  • Select "My account" -> "Profile" from the top navigation menu and click the "Website Payment Preferences" link - this will bring you to the Website Payment Preferences page.
  • Set Auto Return radio button to "Off".
  • Save your settings.
Contact us if you need to use Auto Return in your e-store and we will customize your software to support the latest PayPal features.

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