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MagicScripts Services

Ready to Use Web Applications

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Ready to use E-Store Kits are the quickest way to start selling online and are the most affordable. They also give you a freedom - no hidden costs, no host provider dependance, just one time fee. E-Store Kits are written using ASP, PHP, MS Access and MySQL and work on almost any WINDOWS or Unix family server. They are very simple to setup, customize and manage. They are not just "do it yourself" kits but turnkey solutions ready to run in a minutes after uploading to server. Instructions are included with all scripts. Check out our store now to see what we have to offer.

Knowledge of HTML is required for customization.

Custom Web Development

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Need something special?

While we do our best to produce the best software available, there is always room for improvements and there are always particular features or solutions you need. MagicScripts team can implement any kind of custom projects as well as customize our products to fit your needs.
We provide:
  • Expert level of PHP programming.
  • Expert level of ASP programming.
  • Database design and development.
  • XML and Web services.
  • Web design complied to WWW standards.
Please check our portfolio to see the samples of our team work and contact us to get more information or your project estimation.

Custom WAP Development

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It's here!

Mobile phones are very popular and are becoming more and more powerful. Sometimes they are more widely used than personal computers and offer almost the same set of features for communication and getting information.
It is perfect time to expand the target audience. MagicScripts can help you to bring your business in the mobile world.
We can implement everything from just static WML pages to complex active WAP applications.
Please check our WAP site and contact us to get more information.

E-commerce Web Hosting

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Not sure how to start?

If you just start online business and don't want to spend much money -
e-commerce web hosting is a good choice for you.
Please visit our web hosting solution -  and sign up for merchant hosting plan.
For just $19/month you will get pre-installed online store and may start your sales in an hour.
And you always can upgrade/downgrade your hosting plan to fit your needs.


Contact us to get more information.

Software Installation

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We can set up and install any of our software packages on your WINDOWS or Unix family server for free. We will upload the script you purchased to your server, set all the necessary variables and make sure script is up and running correctly.
Contact us to get more information. Be sure to include the script that you are interested in having installed. Note that we offer free installations for our software only.